SNAP Photographic Competition

Paul Snell, Head of Visual Arts at Launceston Grammar, established the SNAP Photographic Competition in 2007.

The Competition

A photographic scavenger hunt is one in which students collect photographs rather than objects.
For this competition you will be given a list of 20 subjects with the potential for creativity and artistic interpretation.

Your entry must be submitted on or before Thursday 8 August 2019. This year prizes will be awarded in two sections: Grade 9 and Grade 10.

Photographic subjects

  • Danger
  • Industrial
  • Flow
  • Between the gaps
  • Retro
  • Head first
  • Vacant
  • Beyond repair
  • Repetition
  • Something that moves
  • Calm
  • Mirror
  • Stretched
  • Natural
  • Architecture
  • A sign
  • Noise
  • The letter S
  • I don’t like Mondays
  • Into the dark